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Dan Seyfried (FRA)


Dan is member and co-founder of Anananas and Pampamplemousse. He's also a member of European group Ohana. He started theater at the age of 9 and discovered improv shows in 2007. He loved it instantly ! He had the chance to travel in french speaking communities and later internationally, traveling to teach and/or play in more than 20 countries around the world. With Théâtre de L'Oignon first and with La Carpe Haute, The Fraltons, Origami Swan (duo w/ Ella Galt) and You&Me (duo w/ Alicja Dobrowolna). Now, a new adventure begins with the rebranding and their new names Anananas & Pampamplemousse. What he loves especially in improv is the connection between the partners, the sincerity and the playfullness, enjoying the whole spectrum of improv : from silly to dramatic or non-sens to smart. He remains an improv nerd, all styles of show can make him happy. And that's what he loves the most, it's that the journey is infinite!