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Close to you


Fees: € 250 / 220 reduced fee

Language: English

Level: advanced (at least one year experience)

Participants: min. 10, max. 16 

Working with sensitive content.

Über Close to you

Intimacy in improvisation.

This is a workshop about creating safe, consensual romantic and intimate improvised scenes on stage.

The themes of the workshop are - Love and intimacy in romantic relationships and applying these concepts to our performance without wimping out, freaking out, crossing boundaries or freaking your partner out!

How do we give our audience the gift of a truly romantic love scene and story? Whether it be hilarious or serious? How do we electrify our audience with our performers sexual energy without being too explicit? How do we break their hearts a little? How can we create intense and electric scenes? Why don’t we ever hear honest conversations around sex in our scenes? We see it all the time in film, theatre and in music, why not improvisation?

This workshop explores all these questions and more.

In my workshop, I create a relaxed and safe environment were performers can explore through unique exercises, understanding consent through discussion and practicing the work though safely guided scene work.

I created this workshop because I felt like there was a need for the exploration of this work after seeing so many scenes ‘wimped out’ on through fear when it came to performer commitment to love scenes.

The workshop is designed to help improvisers explore their fears around intimacy on stage, practice their acting skills when it comes to love scene’s, build trust and break down barriers with an ensemble and impro partners. I ask improvisers to share their fears around performing intimate scenes. I challenge them to separate themselves from their character to be able to fulfil their characters journey. We discuss boundaries as performers - I always assure students that; I will never push anyone into anything they are not ready for, for example kissing or touching. Though this is an area we will be venturing into, I teach how to build sexual tension without touching at all.

After some discussion around the ideas of love, intimacy and understanding consent. We explore how to stage kiss, holding and embracing, eye contact, slowing down and reading body language. We explore a series of heart-warming exercises designed to build trust, playfulness and intensify energy. Then we run through a series of scenes based around relationships

Performing love scenes is a skill like any other that can be learned, it just takes trust, bravery, honesty, a willingness to be vulnerable and a willingness to take risks that perhaps you have never taken before.


Rama Nicholas